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Thursday, December 15, 2011

You're not my friend

Tiny teardrops on my cheek:  my heart opens up its door
Feelings of confusion and surprise are now falling on the floor
Why is it those you trust so much can lead you so astray
I'm splashing through the puddles of tears as I walk away.

See the moisture on my face and hear my beating heart
The words you threw at me today have broken me apart
Are you so very insensitive that you fail to see the tears
Every thing you have said today has awakened inner fears.

Please don't tell me you're my friend while cursing all the while
Surely there's no sweetness found  in words so vulgar and   vile
If you want to be my friend : don't expect me to entertain
The company of uncensored words that leave me in so much  pain.

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