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Monday, December 12, 2011

What kind of flower are you?

In the meadow there are flowers of many colors and many sizes
Each one is so very pretty and as a gift each one   suffices
No two flowers are the same yet when together in a display
Each one complements the other; together they make the bouquet.

 Like the flowers we are so different;  in color and sizes we all  vary
Together we can do great things or alone be   revolutionary
Like the flowers who speak so little; yet accomplish so many things
We can inspire the words that come from every heart that ever sings

What kind of flower are you will you; brighten somebody's day
Will you quietly wave from a distance or touch all who pass  your way?
Will you be more vocal in what you do or be more silent in how you give
What kind of flower are you;  how will you choose to live?


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