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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today will you do me this favor?

Today will you ask all the angels from the heavens above
To be with me and to protect me with their guiding love
They are my dearest friends and  they are with me every day
Remind them  that I am needing them, in a very special way

Not too often will I ask collectively something from  my friends
But my spirit is really needing this;  on it  my courage depends
Please unite together, then, in  asking   the angel band
To be close to me and make things clear so I will understand.

You are all so very  dear to me;  I'll  return this favor for you
I will ask all the Heavens above to bless all you say and do
We're all  needing the help sometimes from the angels  above
They keep us safe and remind us always how to walk in love.

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