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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Stable.

O see in the stable where poor animals stay
Our Creator and Redeemer on a rough bed of hay
A child so helpless; yet, what power is His
Our God has been pleased to appear such as this.

We see his dear mother, Maria, by name
Recalling the moments when Gabriel came
How gently she lifts Him and whispers with love
My dear little child, Your Father's above.

St. Joseph's  nearby and he nods with consent
For he know Mary's virginity had never been spent
Together they   lived under virginal vow
Increasing the Mystery before us right now

Poor simple shepards are the  first to adore
Before the Babe they prostrate, His blessings implore
Unskilled and unschooled  in the rhetoric of law
Their hearts were instructed  by all that they saw

Finally three wiseman from distant lands far
Seek out the new king foretold by a star
Gold Frankincese, Myhrr: the gifts that they bring
Are appropriate offerings for a God and a king

The story goes on for we recall it each year
Yet what message does it hold for each of us here
Humility, simplicity, or is it love?
For each it will vary, as willed from above.

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