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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making Peace

You are you and I am me
So let us  live in harmony
If we allow each other space
The world will be a better place

What I may like, you may not
I shouldnt be seeking what you got
Each one of us can indeed
Be the help the other may need.

Working together side by side
Will give to us some healthy pride
Instead of bickering round and round
Let respect among us be easily found

Put away the meanness and  spite
Resolve to settle instead of fight
Tis the season of love and peace
Let every grudge find sweet release


  1. Absolutely LOVE THIS Darling!!! You are an incredibly gifted, amazing person and I am so honored to call you my sister in soul! ☮ & ღ

  2. Hello and thank you dear Therese.. the world is such a beautiful creation a each of us adds to its beauty.. love you



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