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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking for the quiet

I'm heading to my quiet place, I'm needing a place to hide
It's one of those days when everything is tearing me up inside
I'm needing to find that silence where my soul can finally breathe
I know its here inside me; I have only to look and  believe

Deep inside my being I  venture into that sacred space
Where silence is my healer and I  breathe in needed grace.
It's hard for me to understand  things  beyond  my  mind
So I'm wading around  simplicity to see what I can find

The universe is ever so kind and willing to help me  see
The beauty of every moment, how each one's a mystery
And though some days are cloudy and the skies are sometimes  gray
I know there's always  tomorrow and the hope for a better day.

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