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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A little bird was singing outside

today as I sat working a little bird was singing outside
her melody warmed my heart and calmed me deep inside
she sang so sweetly her phrases and whistled so very clear
it was like the angels had sent her i felt like heaven was near

 as she sang  I pondered and went to my safe place   inside
immersed myself in some silence and sent the toxins outside
For a moment or two I let go of all the burdnes in my mind
So that I could free myself for graces  I was so needing to find.

when the time of listening was over and daylight near an end
I bid farewell to the singer my sweet melodious friend
she went out to find her night rest and I  to what i had to do
But the memory of those moments I'm now  sharing with you.

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