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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Light uncovers all concealed

Quiet moments of self revelation the soul is calm and still
Frozen by the silence of surrender which is overtaking the will
Stripped away are all the layers exposed: that which is deep within
No longer stuck inside the hiding; the healing can finally   begin.

What was once a cause for trembling now becomes the soul's true light
That which once held the spirit  captive is that which sends it off in flight
Everything that was once a mystery to one's spirit is  being revealed
Nothing hidden stays so forever the light uncovers all  concealed.

So it is  we're going forward while doubts inside us drop away
What once held us from becoming  is now the herald of  the day
Only the one who has learned to ponder will find this path deep inside
Once the soul begins to self discover there is no longer need to hide.

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