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Sunday, December 18, 2011

In the darkest time of my life

(dedicated to my therapist and all "angels" with much love)

In the darkest time of my life there came  a wondrous light
That led me to a new path that was so wholesome and so right
That light was a someone reaching out with  welcoming hand
And with true kindness and love began helping me to understand

Little by little leading me:  with greatest patience and  technique
My  angel is pointing out patterns and teaching me to speak
Taking me from where I am  while  respecting my own  pace
My guardian from God is helping me to grow in all grace

Without  accepting who I am my angel wont ever  be able to lead
So I must be humble in admitting what I'm still lacking and need
I invite all you who are reading to look deep down  inside
And seek for that special someone who is both light and a guide

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