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Friday, December 23, 2011

"The Holiday Carol"

What child is this, what child is this, the holiday carol does say
We can venture a little further this year and change it around this way
What child is this that lays to rest inside both you and me
The babe that's still inside us crying and longing to be free

Can you hear the infant sound that's   echoing  deep within
Calling us back to that innocence where all good things  begin
Back to the spirit which is so pure and unites us to the Divine
We won't have to travel too far for we are the Almighty's Shrine

Each one of us is that  Bethlehem and our lives the shining star
Our actions are the angel hosts that invite others from afar
Everyone us is that holiday carol which others want to hear
There's no  longer need for the manger scene for God is very near.

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