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Monday, December 19, 2011

For all who will be alone this holiday

For all who will be alone this holiday or who may be a little sad
Know that there are some angelic beings just waiting to make you glad
Though hidden from our mortal gaze they pass through darkened skies
And carry within them rays of hope to shine on tear-filled eyes.

No matter what burden you may have; no matter how hard the day
If you'll listen to the spirit within; you can hear the angels say
"You're  never ever alone dear one, spirit guides are watching  you
You have only to call in trust and love , we'll help you make it through"

Think of happy thoughts inside think of how strong you really   are
Think of all the things you've done and how you've come so far.
You really are a beautiful soul and though you're  wounded sore
This holiday just might bring you hope if you open your inner door.

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