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Monday, December 19, 2011

Commercial Christmas is Everywhere

Glittering lights of many colors; people racing and running  here and there
Pushing, grabbing,  spending and buying:  commercial christmas is everywhere
Oh how  fun it is to buy and spend: where would we be without the  credit card?
But when the rush has ended and gifts are opened:  financially we're  all scarred!

What is it about the commercialism  that convinces us we need more and more?
We come with our lists of musthaves and wants; but,  we leave with the whole store.
Those who market are the professionals; who  know how to get inside the mind
We are brainwashed into believing what christmas is; and leave the "Baby" behind.

The mixing up of the old  christmas hymns with  holiday madness and stampede
Is all a tactic to create a sense of divine: making our shopping a spiritual need.
Someday we'll all wake up to all of this and decide that the  madness has gone too far
And join the wiseman and the shepards as they follow the Christmas star.


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