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Friday, December 23, 2011

The choice

I  am here at the gate and am  ready to go inside;
Yet, there is still something that's holding me outside.
I have to let it go now, and move on toward's the light;
Many are the demons that would hold me to the night.

I am making every effort to shake away the hold
That memories from the past use to keep things old.
Only through releasing,  what keeps  me in captivity,
Can  I begin to appreciate what's liberating for  me.

The light is  very near me yet great is the other side
So I struggle for what is good and from the evil hide
I have to make a choice and only one way will  be right
Do I choose to live in freedom or do I continue in the night?

in video below :

Allah: God
Yarab: True God
alhamdulillah: Praise be to God

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