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Friday, December 30, 2011

Challenging moments

Tears are falling down today .. like the  raindrops from the skies
Memories are causing the overflow that spills out  from my eyes
Remembering those who once were there and now have gone away
Encourages my heart to open up with words no one else can  say

Gentle streams of water flow, while sighs are long and deep.
Too many  secrets I have held; how much longer will they keep?
These are the soul's most priceless gems, they are so deep within
Ah the weeping such treasures have caused: I don't know how to begin

Someday I'll have to pull them out and bring them into the light
The thought of such a challenging endeavor is causing me great fright
How does one share those priceless pearls  that no one else has ever seen
Only the soul's own spirit knows; for it alone knows what it will mean.


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