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Friday, December 30, 2011

Are you ready for the New Year?

 The year is coming to an end and we stop to think again:
What resolutions can we be making ; and how will the new year begin?
Will we have a long long list of things we're promising to do
Or will we be more realistic when  the new year's coming through

Will we resolve to be a little more kind or try to eliminate
The  things in our lives that are most hurtful and make us 'not so great'
Will we try to  take a little more time and create a slower pace;
Instead of following the crowd  through life: running like there's a race

What will your resolutions be as you ring  in the New Year
Will you be pasting  them out online or  whisper them for angels to hear
Will you be creating lots of them that can never come to be?
Have you started your   resolutions yet; you don't have to answer me

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