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Monday, November 28, 2011

To my abuser

To my abuser

Because I was weak you overpowered me with you hatefulness
You took advantage of me and broke me inside my littleness
You got to know me only so you could abuse me in my weakness
You confused me with your language so i fell for all your foolishness.

You wouldnt attack another who was a stranger to brokenness
But rather  you chose a broken one to subject to your untruthfulness
Your lured me with promises and I believed  all that false  kindness
You claimed your victory because I was a victim of my own blindness

You took control of me because i trusted you with  my confidence
And then you  threatened me if I didnt surrender to you in obedience
Now I am trembling because I must face once more your evilness
But I'm no longer your victim but a little light before  your darkness

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