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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the Desert

I want to put some words down but am feeling mighty ill
Trying to find a quiet space..where things are calm and still
But all my being is aflame with fever through and through
So am going to do my best to write some words for  you

While one is in a desert there is little comfort around
One must learn to live without the familiar noise or sound
The desert is the place where you will  come to truly know
Who you are and who you are not and what will help you grow

Everyone should know and feel the desert deep   within
And allow enough space for that true   metanoia to begin
There can't ever  be real happiness without first going through
The emptiness of not having everything handed over to you

Living through the desert will give you something   inside
That you will be able to take to the rest of the world outside
Don't ever  pass up the journey that leads to the desert in you
For through it you will come to  know what is yours to  do

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