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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am only human

If you can't say words to help me don't say anything at all
If you don't have  words to uplift me please don't let me fall
I am  fragile and  I'm broken and needing some gentle care
If you haven't come to help me why are you standing there.

Today was quite the stormy one thunder was all around
My soul was so very jumpy and frightened by every sound
Everything seem to startle me it was truly a flashback day
Like the rains that kept on falling, my tears wouldn't go away

So now I'm in here rambling  and not making any sense
My nerve are completely frazzled and I'm feeling kinda tense.
How  did I end up so  tangled and became such a  mess
I don't think that I will tell you; but you are certainly free to guess.

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