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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hushing us all...

The Morning awakens quietly  and brings with it so much beauty
The Golden rays of sunshine are nowhere  around to warm me
But  I will content myself with the sound of the soothing rain that's falling
Quieting all my senses so I can hear every raindrop that's calling

The Autumn season splashes in with colors of red and gold
And leaves fall from their parenting trees whenever they are told
Somber tones of the winter hum in the background of the Fall
The earth is entering a  quiet sleep  the  universe hushes us all

Today as we are buzzing around and waiting for the day to begin
Perhaps we can quiet ourselves enough to let the universe in
And as we're quieting ourselves inside perhaps we can try  to hear
Every sound and whisper that's coming from the universe so dear.

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