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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here for others

I cannot look on pain and not feel it my heart
I cannot watch you weep and not be torn apart
Every broken person that comes in front of me
Becomes the special guest of my empathy

I'm not a stone that's unable to feel any pain
If I become  saddened my tears will fall like rain
I'm completely human and want for you to see
I cannot stay silent before another's misery..

If you find you're hurting, if your heart is sore.
You only have to reach out to  find an open door
I'm only an email away and I'll respond to you
I'll be your friend wrirting when you need me to


  1. In times of trouble, you always know who your true friends are - and I think a poem like this would lift anyone's spirits when they're feeling down. It's beautiful!

  2. Dear Lynnie, thank you for your very kind words on this poem..There are true friends ..and we are blessed to have them..

    Sending warm wishes..



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