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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

From darkness to light

Because the night has been too long God gave us this new day
The darkness has now vanished  and clouds have passed away
Theres so much beauty arising  from the seed   so crushed  below
The storms  have given it a strength that'll help the plant to grow.

Pushing forth its little self  from the  darkness  below the ground
The seedling rejoices in the sunlight and the  new hope that's found
It doesn't call back those memories of the dark and dreary hour
When coldness and uncertainty robbed it of any hope or power.

Now the seedling is blooming bright and the stems are firm and strong
From looking at its beautiful glow one cannot know it had suffered long
For the flower that was  a broken seed crushed below the  ground
Shows nothing of it's pitiful state now that the  Light is around

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