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Monday, November 7, 2011

Freedom to choose

There is always a reason to celebrate a reason to rejoice
No matter what your circumstance you always have a choice
You can choose to look for the gold or be content to keep the dud
You can stand up against   the odds  or crawl around in the mud.

The choice is always yours; you will  always have the right
You can choose to walk in the darkness or opt to walk in the light
No matter what others may say;  no matter what they may do:
What you choose to do with your life is  totally  up to you.

So what direction will you be taking,  where will you choose to go?
Will you continue following  the crowd or opt to go solo?
This is your  time for victory  a time to conquer your fear
That you can make a decision  is why we're  celebrating here.

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