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Friday, November 25, 2011

Everything else keeps us needy

My humanity cries out from every single pore
I simply want some peace: this and nothing more
Am not running after riches or any worldly fame
I'm not seeking some new title or important name

This may not seem so normal for the worldly mind
But the trail of worldly riches is NOT  what I want to find
Leave that for someone else; for  it will never satisfy
The soul's inner most longing: which governs you and I

Stop a moment to  question why is it we buy and buy
If anything of this world could ever prove to satisfy
Nothing we're running after has ever filled that need
We continue to seek more  and more:  driven by our greed

The only thing that'll complete us, keep us from that store
Is that which quenches the spirit:  that and nothing more
Everything else keeps  us needy and fails to satisfy
That which will is really important dwells within  you and I

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