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Friday, November 11, 2011

Doing what's right

Oh what a day it has been there's so much to be thinking of
I'm wondering, as so many have,  where in the world is love
Why is it so  hard to be senstive when we're  talking to one another
Why must our way be the only way when arguing with the other

 If we would be more loving and kind we must learn to compromise
Everyone giving up a bit of themselves to make the conversation nice.
And if  we would do all that we could be doing  in  every situation
We would never have need to excuse ourselves when faced with accusation

The world is full of crazy ways : creating rules  that never make sense
But we don't  have to follow the crowd into those  moments most tense
Sometimes we must be couragesous enough to  say I'm not taking part
And then let others think whatever they may while maintaining our peace of heart.

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