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Friday, November 4, 2011

Do tell me your reply...

 Listen to the sound of the day that's disappearing
Ponder over the view of the moon that's reappearing
What are the sounds you're hearing,  as you begin to try
To capture all the universe? Do  tell me your reply...

Beauty's  gently whispering deep inside your heart
The sun is slowly waning as  the day begins to part
So much of the universe is shouting  to you and me
We have only to be attentive to be in their mystery

Write down in a journal if you're willing to  tonight
Everything that's beautiful and lovely in your sight
Count the many blessings surrounding you today
Write  them out completely; don't let them slip away

After you have finihed pencilling in your   book
Allow yourself one more moment  take another look
What is there around you, still inviting you to   see
Speaking to you of the Infinite and echoing Eternity?

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