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Friday, October 7, 2011

You hurt me

You have broken me, left me holding my heart in my hand
Do you see me, how I am not  able to understand
Why did you do this, why did you leave me in so much pain
You said you were different, with me you would remain.

Now the tears fall from the scar you left deep down inside
I am wondering why this happened; for hours I have cried
Are you heartless, do your feelings no longer work anymore
Surely you knew how painful would be such a sore.

Yet you did this, you did what you said you wouldn't do
Now I am broken and wondering what to think of you .
I have been pondering and turning it all around inside
There are no answers they all seem to run and hide.

I hope you're happy and find it easy to sleep at night
Because I'm don't, you took from me, my hopeful light
I know some day I will find someone I can trust again
But will never forget how much you hurt me deep within

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