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Monday, October 3, 2011

you cut my heart out

You cut my heart out

You cut my heart out; you pulled out  from me  every ounce of trust
And took the meaning you once gave me and trampled it to  the dust
You toppled   the mighty tower of hope you once built up in therapy
And left me broken  in pieces, now I scramble to put together "me"

How do you explain it, when so much trust was handed over to you:
Leading me to believe that there was nothing you and I can't do?
You had my confidence ; then  one evening you cut me to the core
Called me a tangled mess that you weren't going to deal with anymore.

So here I am broken by the one who was suppose to heal me
Wondering how in the world such could happen, what an irony.
From friends or famly one might expect such things to come to be
But not from one  educated to help,  who holds the title of phd.

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