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Monday, October 10, 2011

A time of quiet

The days of summer have ended and fall has settled in
Colors on the trees are fading as the changes  begin
There is a sense of resting and of gentle sleep
The universe welcomes Autumn embraces it so deep.

Leaves are slowly falling and plants are losing their green
Shades of brown take over while grass is no longer seen
Somber tones are sounding as the earth takes on her rest
Every season helps the universe to be her very best

During this time of quiet and  subtle transformation
The earth is slowly becoming a beautiful new creation
The changes she undergoes, though painful as can be
Will beautify the springtime when from sleep she's free

So we wait in the silence that comes this time of year
And listen to all creation telling us that Fall is here
We enter into the moments so proper for this time
And allow ourselves the freedom of a more somber rhyme.

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