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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stop The Injustice

Every ounce of my being cries out because of what I see
So much injustice is going on while the helpless are a mockery
People with power wield influence, despite committing a crime
We need to end such corruption we need to start, for it's time.

Unless one is among the elite,  their brokenness is but a cry
While the wealthy shed a tear and all the world wonders why.
We are an unjust body of people, who readily excuse the wrong
Committed  by the powerful whose money gets them along

If we keep on going this way: where the wealthy never serve time
We will see a naition rise up, whose wealthy determine the crime
It wont matter how much you say; for only the rich will have a voice
If you don't stop this nonsense now, soon you will have no  choice.

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