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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Something new has begun

It's like a brand new chapter, something new has begun
The universe is celebrating; we've had a day in the sun
All the birds are chirping they are happy as can be
I think they're celebrating the start of a brand new me.

Now I'm readying my garden for that winter break
Clearing out   the old weeds with a gentle rake
Looking all around me to see what has to go
I'm throwing out the old stuff that wont let me grow

Nature is so wonderful it has so much to say
Its also very healing when we walk along its way
If we listen carefully whenever we're  outside
We can hear the universe inviting us inside

So I'm spending quiet time in my special place
Trying to ready my heart for some silent grace
It's been quite a week now with all  the pouring rain
But I know it's all so helpful despite all the pain

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