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Friday, October 21, 2011

Serenaded by the Universe

This morning I listen  to the universe serenading  me outside:
So much beauty is  in her music,  it touches me deep inside.
Its like she's trying to sooth me, with a technique all her own.
She leaves me with her gentleness; her wisdom in me is sown.

Her song is like an ocean, that is rolling in with gentle tide.
She touches me with her warmth and calms  me deep inside.
She whispers to me her secrets, and inspires me to be still.
She envelopes me with her mysteries, and motivates my will

The universe is connected  to us and we connect to her
Whenever we are fighting, then , she is hurting for sure
All the unrest we create  between our sister and brother
Has an effect on the earth,  for she is our dearest mother.

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