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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In memory of Matthew Shephard 12/1/76 -10/12/98 (repeated )

                (victim of a  hate crime)

I will celebrate my birth, while recalling your death
I'll  recall my life while considering your last breath
I'll think of all the people who are victims of hate
And cry out for equality before its too late

And you Mattew Shepard, sweet Innocent one
You life was cut short before it ever had   begun
What words can ever capture my feelings deep  inside
Knowing that for being "you",  you had painfully died.

You death paved the way for many laws against hate
And injustice cries out  from the grains of that gate
Yet how many more victims will  fall in our land
Before equality is something we all understand?

We all have a duty and and a firm obligation
To call out for equality and desegregation
Until everyone is free, and freedom is  for all
We won't be  a great nation but one that's quite small.


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