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Saturday, October 22, 2011

If You're Needing To Cry

If you're needing to cry , cry until you are all done
Let every tear out let them come out out one by one
You're so deserving of  freedom and  sweet release
That comes from letting go of what no one else sees.

Let them come out, all your  feelings from deep inside
Empty out those emotions let them all come outside
Watch them fall into the ocean your tears have made
Oh the  feeling of comfort; it slowly beginning  to  invade

Close your eyes now breathe in slowly the gentle peace
Its ok now  your tears have carried away your souls release
Now you're ready for some moments of great tenderness
Remember be kind to yourself you're deserving of this


  1. How are you Joy? Did you find another T? I'm thinking of you often.I like this song. I had it put on my MP3 player when I first saw you post it a little while back. I hope things are still moving forward for you with blessings...Take care of yourself Joy, be safe. Sending all my love to you.


  2. My dear Riri , sorry for late reply .always have to take my test on Sunday for college courses and am trying to get rough draft ready to turn in. I believe I have found another ... I will wait to say for sure till I am sure. she is very kind. .I miss you Riri..How are you ? how is your show and tell? Have you found a T? Love you Riri, sending gentle hugs (if ok) .. Joy

  3. Joy, I'm thankful that you're getting along good with school and in the process of building a relationship with a new T...I do videos sometimes, they are more like video journals now. I'm kinda in my own world and not trusting anyone to come in. I do look back at the videos and it helps me to connect with my body. I do much reading and I still pray much. I enjoy exercising,I write in my journal and I color in my books. As simple as it sounds, it helps me a great deal, especially when this process of healing gets heavy on me....I will try and stay in touch as much as I can. I'm so proud of you Joy, with school and then having the courage to even think of allowing another T in your life, in your private space.I pray that all this goodness will continue to fall upon you and even more as the minutes pass in the days. Thank you for your poems and all the beautiful songs you post. Be blessed forever.


  4. HI my dear Riri, it's not easy to trust at all, I have that fear resulting from how my last T did me.. that I can't help but feel at times.. Nothing really is forever ..I like to color and journal and exercise to and play with my cats.Thank you so much for your friendship. I hope you will someday find someone you can have to help you that you feel safe enough to trust. I think of you daily Riri and hope the best for you. You have touched my heart in a warm way..sending love and warm wishes..Joy


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