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Friday, October 28, 2011

I have found it hard today

To the quiet I will run and there submerge my being
I have found it hard today so much hatred I was seeing
Deep inside I'll cleanse myself from that awful poison
Immersed in silence I will stay: not letting any noise in.

Taking time to slowly breathe letting in the spirit
Letting out those hurtful things i have reached my limit
Now  I'm  pondering silently in the space inside me
I will let the spirit guide : and not anyone who'll lie to me


  1. Sending you healing light, strength, love and blessings...

  2. Thanks Rev Frances . I appreciate all the light, strength, love and blessings you are sedning. If you have a link, I will include you on our blogroll.

    Blessings back to you.



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