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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Friend's Return

(dedicated to one of my special friends: Natalie)

Oh the happiness that fills the heart when a friend returns again
Theres lots and lots of happy songs  that fill the  heart within
Welcome back my dearest friend i hope you'll stay awhile
I missed your youthful, happy ways and you cheerful smile

There's something beautiful about a friend no other one can share
And that's the ability  to  communicate  when the other one's not  there
Friendship is a special thing which one should always  hold  dear
For when  the world walks  out on you; your friend is always  near

Take time to send a thank you note to all you may  call friend
And when your done make sure you bless every note you send.
Be grateful for the gift that's yours in every  friend you know
For friendship is that special gem you'll never want to let go

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