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Monday, October 3, 2011

Dark Clouds

The dark  clouds are hanging over my soul tonight
But behind them all shines a beautiful moonlight
Though the storms are tossing my soul everywhere
I know there is a calm beneath  this violent air.

While  the rains are drenching my poor  soul inside
I quietly search out a safe place where I may  hide
For the winds are too mighty for me to withstand
I tremble  beneath the  force of my abusers hand.

Would that I could see this storm coming from afar
Perhaps it would not have left me with such a scar
But I had no warning no way to prepare my heart
It hit me so deeply and left my soul all torn apart.


  1. Hi Joy, I believe that someday, the storms of life will no longer toss you to-and-fro as the evil actions of others won't be the standard you measure yourself by. When you find your inner strength and become confident of your own self assesment, you will be like a great rock, pounded by the waves and beaten by the rain but immovable.


  2. Pam..

    I am asking God to help me .. to give me courage in the midst of this storm. I know, terrible as it is what has been done.. it must be hurting the evil doer more than it does me.. They have to live with their conscience.. and I with the scar.. I Will keep trying . .as some day .. I will be as you say..strong .. not moved by the evil winds that come from the mouths of wicked men and women..

    thank you for your kind you so much:


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment