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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


  1. Such a beautiful and encouraging song Joy. I've never heard this and the lyrics are so true. "God understands when no one else can."I think of you often in prayer and throughout the days. I believe God's love is with you and His healing power will restore and build you up...I feel Joy, that you are a rock inside because you have Christ Jesus in you. Even though the storms of life have beaten upon you, your faith still stands like a rock. That's The Creator God living inside your heart, not letting you go... I'm broken inside too Joy and I feel deep sadness that makes me weep. But Jesus gives me reassurance that He's putting me back together, making me anew. He loves us Joy and yes, He understands our tears. The sadness won't last always, my friend. Joy will come in the morning. Until then we can always enjoy the moonlight He gives us in the darkness. There's always the moon and the stars that shine in the night. They are there to helps us hold on till morning...I love you Joy. Stay safe, and be encouraged in the strength of The Almighty God. He understands your tears...

    p.s. I want to add that your honesty with yourself makes you a very strong and courageous person...RiRi

  2. Riri thank you for means so much to me.. I feel abandoned but also embraced.. I know God has not abandoned me.. I was not in the right way so He allowed this upset with someone who broke me down into pieces..I will survive..

    Am so so happy you come to visit.. I thought of you today and even answered your last comment I missed earlier.

    Love you dearly Riri..thanks for being a TRUE Friend.....Joy

    ps hope you get to feeling better soon..


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