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Monday, October 31, 2011

Quality quiet time

Tonight I have no words to put down in a rhyme
So I'm inviting you into some quality quiet time
You need not say a word just be there very still
Silence will speak to you and whisper to your will

Perhaps you'll  find some treasures buried deep within
Or find the needed courage to start all over again
Whatever there is for you,  in that silence deep inside,
Will  help you better approach that  busy world outside

I saw you crying

I saw you weeping and your tears touched me to my very core
I felt it inside me I wished you wouldn't have to cry anymore
But I'm here for you and will hold your hand if you need me to
Your tears are precious; its terrible what you're going through

Let me help you, you don't have tell me what's happening inside
I understand you, there's so many times I've wept and cried
Sometimes the pain is so great that all you have is those tears
Its ok to cry and share with others that you're having fears

Come  lets cry together and ease away that inner pain
Let those tears fall, even if they come out like pouring rain
The crying will heal you and after you will feel better within
I'll stay here right beside you till your ready to go out again

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Friend's Return

(dedicated to one of my special friends: Natalie)

Oh the happiness that fills the heart when a friend returns again
Theres lots and lots of happy songs  that fill the  heart within
Welcome back my dearest friend i hope you'll stay awhile
I missed your youthful, happy ways and you cheerful smile

There's something beautiful about a friend no other one can share
And that's the ability  to  communicate  when the other one's not  there
Friendship is a special thing which one should always  hold  dear
For when  the world walks  out on you; your friend is always  near

Take time to send a thank you note to all you may  call friend
And when your done make sure you bless every note you send.
Be grateful for the gift that's yours in every  friend you know
For friendship is that special gem you'll never want to let go

Tis the Season

Tis the season of  quiet  sleep
For the universe who must carefully keep
All the seeds that have fallen down
While the leaves were turning brown.

Tis the season of mystic change
Plants and trees must rearrange
Colder days are  drawing near
No more chirping birds we hear

Tis the season of snow and chill
Bitter cold holds tight the will
Somber notes are all around
Winter colors soon are  found

Tis the season for you and me
To appreciate what we cannot see
Hidden beneath the cold and chill
Are the imprints of the Eternal Will

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Every Season Has Its Song

All the leaves are changing colors; a view of Autumn is  everywhere
The universe is readying for winter; there's a crispness in the air.
Everything is crying out; the colder weather is drawing near
Soon there'll be a pure white blanket covering everything here.

There's something solemn about the fall that makes for mystery
The stillness that betakes the earth touches both you and me
Silence seems to be the theme that's echoing all around
When the days of autumn fall you can hear the tiniest sound

What are the things you notice when the seasons start to change
Are you aware of the universe and the way it will  rearrange
Do  you take the time to notice what others may not see
Every season has its song and a message for you and me

Despite the odds

Yesterday is over now and you are living   a new today
Let go of all those hurtful things that on you heavily weigh
If you need to speak of  them in order for you  to heal
Speak with the utmost confidence; be careful what you  reveal

Some may mock your brokenness and break you once again
You were once a wounded soul , you don't need it to re- begin
Though you've been through fiery trials; walking  so often alone
You're  like the rising  Phoenix emerging from all the  hurts you've known

Keep on pushing forward .then and walk with head head high
You are beating all the odds out there and the statistics you defy .
Despite the brokenness you've known and the sorrowful yesterday
You are becoming a shining star that will brighten the darkest  way

Friday, October 28, 2011

I have found it hard today

To the quiet I will run and there submerge my being
I have found it hard today so much hatred I was seeing
Deep inside I'll cleanse myself from that awful poison
Immersed in silence I will stay: not letting any noise in.

Taking time to slowly breathe letting in the spirit
Letting out those hurtful things i have reached my limit
Now  I'm  pondering silently in the space inside me
I will let the spirit guide : and not anyone who'll lie to me

Just be you

You're looking all around at what others seem to do;
You begin to question inside the value of being you.
You feel that other people accomplish so much  more;
You begin to make comparisons, your ego's feeling sore

You think inside such things like: if only I can be
So much like so and so : everyone would like me
But what you fail to realize  is  in everything you do
You will always end up being nothing more than you.

Instead of focusing on what the others do each day
Resolve to work on improving all you do and say.
You don't have to be like the neighbor who's next door
Rather make it your resolve to love "you" more and more

Too much time is being spent on  useless competition
You'll never reach your goal, if keeping up is your ambition
Make you your own priority and keep "you" before your mind
Work on building you up and  see how much peace you will  find

This world is run like races that no one ever seems to win
Because the goal line keeps on moving time and time again
 You must resolve to  break away from all of the craziness
If you are ever to  find true peace and inner happiness.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

You're invited

Your day is ending you can finally slow down that hurried pace
You're no longer running, you can finally arrange a quiet place
How do you calm down after going through so much busy-ness
What do you do to clear your mind and find some gentle rest.

Do you ever find some time where you can be away from noise
Have ever turned everything off and listened deeply to your inner voice
Is it really  hard for you to slow down and be completely still
Are you willing to be silent so that you can energize your will?

Hush yourself for awhile and see what the universe will bring
Let your soul be freed from the days moments and from everything.
Listen carefully to the silence thats whispering so deep within
Would you consider taking time out  to let a meditation begin?

Every Raindrop

A gentle rain is falling  this morning as I wake
Its so very soothing, like ointment for an ache
When I hear the raindrops falling to  the ground
I hear the voice of providence echoing around.

Every single droplet carries messages   divine
Wherever the rain falls the land begins to shine
Carrying "h2o", fresh  oxygen is everywhere
The rain helps  mother earth to purify the air .

Listen to the sound of the rain whenever it  falls
It is the voice of providence sending out her calls
Reminding us of the tenderness falling from above
Rain is carrying an echo of the Eternal One's love

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What no one sees

I'm looking for a quiet place where I can meditate
So much has been going on it's hard to concentrate
Closing down my senses to  the nonsense that's outside
I'm opening up my spirit to the whisperings deep inside.

Softly speaking to my heart in words I cannot hear
The spirit reminds me that my peace is always very near
I have only to silence all the movements of my heart and will
To hear the wisdom of the Spirit that comes when I am  still.

Gently breathing into my being with utmost  tenderness
 The spirit inhales all my worries so I can finally  rest
Leaving deep within me an infinite stretch of  peace
The spirit bids farewell; leaving  what no one else sees.

There is still tomorrow

You're feeling so misunderstood, like you've been  left all alone.
Someone has just abandoned you, you're making it on your own
Well keep on pushing forward; for  it's not so bad you'll see
Right now  your feeling helpless; but that's not your destiny.

You'll find others who understand you; but it may not be today
You  won't always know that sorrow; blessings are on the way
Keep on holding your convictions; fighting for what you believe
There is a brighter tomorrow with treasures for you to  receive.

Let those tears fall for the moment, let your feelings out with care;
For they are preparing you a tomorrow of which you're not aware
It won't always be a struggle , your life will get  better after today
There is so much promise awaiting you; it's just a heartbeat away.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gardening Tips

Today I spent some time in my garden deep within
I saw so many weeds; I didn't know where to begin
Weeds were everywhere;smothering my  life inside
I knew I'd  have to be gentle with the weeding I applied

So little by little I'll removed them; the negatives deep within
And encouraged everything positive to push forward and begin
It was quite a  fiasco taking place in my garden today
I felt so very  accomplished watching the weeds fall away .

If you  have the leisure and are going to do some weeding
Don't  pull up with the bad, the good plants you are needing
Take your time and be gentle for your life is not a race
Once you take out whats good; it's awful hard to replace.

There is beauty in those teardrops

There is beauty in the those teardrops falling from your eyes
As beautiful as the gentle rain dropping   from the skies
Like a river that is flowing into the majestic ocean wide
Are those tears that are flowing  from your heart so deep inside.

There is beauty in that heartache that's tearing you apart
Like a seed that's  breaking open so that  new life can start
Nothing ever happens without also having a reason
The soul must pass through stages and through every season

There is hope in that sadness that seems to bring despair
Every storm has its ending and a rainbow waiting there
Keep on hoping through the tempest  that seems so very long
Everything you go through will help you become more strong

Monday, October 24, 2011

Whispering Gentle Secrets

I'm quietly listening to the end of another day
In the background I can hear some birds chirping away
So much beauty in creation and its for all of us here
To appreciate and savor and allow to draw near

The day has been long but the silence calls me in
I hasten to the solitude that awaits me deep within
There in the quietness of rest and gentle peace
I silence all my thinking; all worries I release

 Softy in my stillness the universe speaks to me
Whispering gentle secrets and creating mystery
Inviting me to ponder deeply  the wisdom of all things
 And reminding me to hold gently whatever each day brings

When your heart is breaking

When your heart is breaking and you're near to despair
When you feel like there is  no one around to really care
When you feel overwhelmed by your brokenness inside
Turn to Me with your hurt, in  Me you can always hide.

When you last tear has fallen and you tear ducts are dry
When people misunderstand you and all you  do is cry
When everything you planned gets toppled to the ground
Turn your heart over to Me and I will turn things around.

When you feel all abandoned and completely confused
When the friends you thought you had leave you feeling used.
When you see no light before you and all you can do  is fall
Turn your life over to Me and I will take care of all.

Me, in this poem, is the Eternal One 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steps in the right direction

Even Though I'm only taking tiny steps in the right direction;
They are still the steps I'm taking; steps of my own selection.
And though my progress may be small to others from a glance;
It's  still progress that I've made: a cause for song and dance.

I cannot compare myself to others and still be fair to "me"
Because all of us are knit together so very differently
Rather I must strive each day to become more and more true
To the person I see in the mirror in all  I say and do

So when I'm tempted to compare and be a little hard on me
I'll  recall that life's not about becoming what others  see.'
It's  about living the life I've been given each and every day
To the best of my abilities and not on how others  say.

Are you too busy?

Are you completely aware of everything that's around you?
Can you appreciate each moment that you are passing through?
Do you ever stop  to breathe in deeply some  fresh clean air?
Does the universe speak to you, or are you to busy to be aware?

Can you hear each day a tiny bird singing out  its melody?
Have you ever noticed the colors of the leaves that are on a tree
Does the sound of the wind blowing ever touch your deep inside.
Are you too busy running around with the things you do outside?

Can you change the schedule you are keeping every day?
Can you put in some tranquil moments of quiet in some way?
Can you pause enough to hear the tiniest flower speak to you?
If you can't, perhaps you're too busy doing everything else you do..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

If You're Needing To Cry

If you're needing to cry , cry until you are all done
Let every tear out let them come out out one by one
You're so deserving of  freedom and  sweet release
That comes from letting go of what no one else sees.

Let them come out, all your  feelings from deep inside
Empty out those emotions let them all come outside
Watch them fall into the ocean your tears have made
Oh the  feeling of comfort; it slowly beginning  to  invade

Close your eyes now breathe in slowly the gentle peace
Its ok now  your tears have carried away your souls release
Now you're ready for some moments of great tenderness
Remember be kind to yourself you're deserving of this

Little Morning Dove

Little morning dove, I see you sitting on my window sill
Your gentle tune transforms these moments calm and still
How softly you're singing: sweetening up the atmosphere
Your music is uplifting taking me into the celestial sphere

Little morning dove, peaceful messenger of the infant day
How gently you teach me through your unassuming way
Life's not about being the most important bird around
But in being oneself and knowing where true peace is found

Little morning dove your song is about ending, this I know
But I will be watching tomorrow for your morning show.
Your melody like ointment has soothed my wounds inside
How wonderful to have such a beautiful friend outside.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Memories from the past

Memories from the past have come to visit me
Tears are falling down as quick as they can be
Deepest feelings of hurt from some unhealed pain
Resurface  from my heart where they still remain

I will not fight them off or send them all away
Rather I'll  let  them speak and invite them all to stay
Together we'll pass the time seeking  reasons why
They continue  on  while the other memories fly.

 Because they're locked  behind my mind's  inner door
Memories can not leave untill I empty what they store
I must go through them all; hear what they have to say
Until I understand, these memories wont go away

Serenaded by the Universe

This morning I listen  to the universe serenading  me outside:
So much beauty is  in her music,  it touches me deep inside.
Its like she's trying to sooth me, with a technique all her own.
She leaves me with her gentleness; her wisdom in me is sown.

Her song is like an ocean, that is rolling in with gentle tide.
She touches me with her warmth and calms  me deep inside.
She whispers to me her secrets, and inspires me to be still.
She envelopes me with her mysteries, and motivates my will

The universe is connected  to us and we connect to her
Whenever we are fighting, then , she is hurting for sure
All the unrest we create  between our sister and brother
Has an effect on the earth,  for she is our dearest mother.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

let got the toxins

close your eyes and  breathe in the  peaceful energy
hold it deeply and let it fill your veins completely
exahle slowly and send out the poisons from inside
let go the toxins that have crept in from the outside

repeat again this cleansing process, repeat again
until you feel enveloped by peacefulness deep within
hold not onto the negativity that's wanting to stay
let go of those demons, send them all  away.

still your being and enjoy the serenity of quietness
don't be afraid to immerse yourself in the silence
there in the quiet  stillness you will heal your mind
absent from the noise great wisdom you will find.

Give Me a Heart

Give me a heart that is welcoming and kind
One that is open to all human kind
Give me a love for everyone  everywhere
Let me not be greedy unwilling to share

Open my eyes so that I'm able to see
The needs and the hurts  of all humanity
Give me the wisdom to know how to give
To everyone in justice as long as I live.

Give me the courage to get up when I fall
And willigness to help those who feel small
Let me not seek for the glory of a name
Rather let me run from all trappings of fame.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why did you hurt me so?

Tears, so many tears, are rolling  down my face
Washing away the hurt that has taken place
Trusting oh so trusting I am of everyone
Some day I'm going to learn this cannot be done

If you were really my friend why did you hurt me so
And leave  me feeling helpless, this I want to know
I gave you all my confidence and trusted you inside
Now the thought of you just makes me want to hide.

I'm just a fragile being  with a whole lot of love
When you came to me what were you thinking of
I cannot stop the hurt but i will always, always forgive
And wish for your the best for as long as you live

Hints From The Divine

let the warmth of the morning sun touch you while outside
and the beauty all around you imprint images deep inside
for within your busy day of running here and running there
it becoms so  easy to forget that you need some inner care.

in the early hours of morning when all is hushed and still
let the silence speak profoundly and rest upon your will
for in the quiet moments before everything can begin
wisdom leaves her messages in souls deep within

make it a daily practice; if even:  a moment or two
to be silent  and appreciate everything around you
for in such tender moments every second will shine
and give you new perspectives:   hints from the Divine..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Silencing my soul

Oh sweet sweet night in which I find my rest
I come to you so tired but feel I'm truly blest
In my quiet place I find  some gentle peace
And let my worries go : feeling sweet release

I ponder over the moments of my busy day
And then let them go; I  let them go away
So that in  the silence of my soul within
I can prepapre my heart  for a  new day to begin.

Once  I have that  silence and quiet deep within
I can let my being rest so peace can enter in
Not speaking any words or making any noise
I will listen to the spirit who talks with quiet voice.

Morning's Melody

Morning comes with its song for the approaching day
While birds are chirping beautifully brightening the way
All creation's  waking up; making a delightful noise
Every creature's glad to share a melody of its choice

Gentle droplets of water fall from the sky above
Just enough to inspire us with warming thoughts of love
Golden beams of sunshine attempt to color  the rain
So that when the shower stops a rainbow will remain.

How much beauty's  around us each morning  we awake
Its in everything we can see and in every breath we can take
We can't help  but be so thankful for our dearest mother earth
Who is ever providing us with beauty and constanty giving birth.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Night has its mystery

The stars are shining so brightly tonight
They sparkle and dance and share their light
So beautifully they're glowing for all to see
How wonderfully arranged is our galaxy.

The universe is sighing readying to sleep
Stillness takes over, the animals creep
Night owls and rodents are ready to wake
One will be the meal the other will take.

Soft is the breeze that is whispering around
Silence and beauty is everywhere found
Night has its mystery its willing to share
If we're willing to listen with reverent care.

Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

They come as your friend with nice words to say
Even say they'll help you as you go along  your way
But while they're doing this they act for  the other side
Helping those who hurt you, betraying what you hide

Like wolves in sheep's clothing: sweet as can be
You'll soon find them out, if you listen carefully
Something in their words, in what they choose to say
Will  alert you to the fact that  it's time to back away.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Awaiting me inside

So quietly I go into my safe place inside,
To weep for a moment and  also to hide:
From troubles that taunted and had their way;
I'll rest here awhile in peace I will stay.

The moments of silence I greet twice a day
Extend to me healing and a shelter away
From the noise and nonsense happening outside:
Mysteries of hope always await me inside.

Now for the moment  I must take my leave
I bow to the silence and to all that I believe
I carry with me blessings I received deep within
And share some of it out to the world that I am in .


Take time

Have you ever taken time out to relax and  simply be
Free with all your feelings, your thoughts, and  memory?
Have you ever taken   rest from your day to day routine
And allowed yourself to explore that inner world unseen.

Sometimes its good to break away from the things outside
To explore that inner world that is awaiting   deep inside
For while we are so busy running here and running there
We  become neglectful and not  give ourselves some care

So give yourself some silence each and every day
Allow you soul to speak;for  it has so much to say
Balancing your busy life with the  silence from within
Will  touch your soul  with newness and peace will settle in.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life is such a mystery

My mind is on vacation now it simply wants to sleep
I'm not able to break the silence that it's decided to keep
So I will rest here in the moment listening with gentle care
To the stirring of the wind that is blowing things everywhere

I can hear some  tinkling chimes; they are swaying to and fro
And some passing cars that carry people I'll never know
I can hear the sound of wind passing through the tired trees
And the sound of leaves moving with the whispering breeze

The soothing sound of nature slowly unlocks my weary  mind
And  I enter into the images that the universe left behind
Pondering in humble silence I contemplate what I see
And whisper with all creation that life is such a mystery

Stop The Injustice

Every ounce of my being cries out because of what I see
So much injustice is going on while the helpless are a mockery
People with power wield influence, despite committing a crime
We need to end such corruption we need to start, for it's time.

Unless one is among the elite,  their brokenness is but a cry
While the wealthy shed a tear and all the world wonders why.
We are an unjust body of people, who readily excuse the wrong
Committed  by the powerful whose money gets them along

If we keep on going this way: where the wealthy never serve time
We will see a naition rise up, whose wealthy determine the crime
It wont matter how much you say; for only the rich will have a voice
If you don't stop this nonsense now, soon you will have no  choice.

Friday, October 14, 2011

welcoming the night

little birds are chirping welcoming the night
soon they will be sleeping; fading is the light
their music   is uplifting filled with gentle love
the melody unites me to the heights above

the golden sun is setting cooling down the air
darkness slowly falls now; touching everywhere
night is all around me; but shining is a light
the moon so kindly shares so we can see aright

ready for some rest now the day has been quite long
i'm picturing  for a  moment a place with quiet song
there  i rest my spirit and and let the melody
calm me in  my quiet place so sleep can come to me.


Shhh, can't you hear how much  the silence is  saying
So much is being revealed  in these moment displaying.
Turned upside down are the things we thought  clear
Everything's encrypted by  what's  happening here.

Hushed are the sounds  by the approaching of day
All creation  is wondering  what the universe will  say
Great expectation seems to linger everywhere
Something's  going to happen one can feel it in the air

Don't put a period on any of your sentences  today
More things will be spoken, you'll  have more to say
Something, yet unheard, is readying to take  place
Never say never; give the unexpected its space.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Feeling the fear feeling the grief
Clouded with doubt and disbelief
Feeling abandoned Feeling alone
All of my feelings I must now own

Feeling the anger feeling some rage
Feeling unwanted since a young age
Feelng unnoticed feeling so used
Feeling the pain of being abused

Feeling some love feeling some care
Feelings of which I not even aware
Feeling great hope feeling despair
All of my feelings are everywhere.

Clouds in the sky

Clouds in the sky are blocking the   light
Darkness descends like the coming of night
Storms are approaching I feel it   inside
Big winds are coming to bring all things outside.

Sometimes  storms frighten but not   very  long
Once they have passed I'll be even  more strong
A rainbow of colors is surely waiting  to shine
Once the storm passes  over this heart of mine.

Go beyond what your senses say is there

There is beauty everywhere we look if we want to see
Creation is a breath  that emerges from eternity
Everything cries out the message of eternal love
We have only to listen to hear the echoes from above

Savor the sweetness of Divinity filtering through the air
Feel the love that creation is extending  with gentle care.
Know the wisdom that comes from pondering deep inside
Allow the universe to hear the secrets that you hide.

Go beyond what your senses may  say is there
and ponder the meaning of life that is everywhere
If your   venture into the world you cannot see
You will discover lifes answers in silent mystery.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To my readers

The shortest poem I will write
Is here before your eyes tonight
in this message you are reading
Hides the sound of my heart beating

you are special, loved most dearly
i can't say it any more clearly
oh  my reader let inside you
all this gratitude passing through

Through the puddles I will splash....

Today the rain is falling, it's pouring I should say
So the sun will be hiding behind the clouds today
But I'll enjoy myself, through the puddles I will splash
Life  is meant to be  enjoyed, its gone within a flash.

I'm listening to the rain create its soothing sound
It gives a certain sparkle as it falls upon  the ground
Everything it touches seems to glitter as though new
Rain is so refreshing and is most inviting too.

Let the waters flow around me and rivers rise above
Today is very special and my heart is full of love
I'm thankful for each moment and  even for the rain
For life is full of laughter and sometimes full of pain.

In memory of Matthew Shephard 12/1/76 -10/12/98 (repeated )

                (victim of a  hate crime)

I will celebrate my birth, while recalling your death
I'll  recall my life while considering your last breath
I'll think of all the people who are victims of hate
And cry out for equality before its too late

And you Mattew Shepard, sweet Innocent one
You life was cut short before it ever had   begun
What words can ever capture my feelings deep  inside
Knowing that for being "you",  you had painfully died.

You death paved the way for many laws against hate
And injustice cries out  from the grains of that gate
Yet how many more victims will  fall in our land
Before equality is something we all understand?

We all have a duty and and a firm obligation
To call out for equality and desegregation
Until everyone is free, and freedom is  for all
We won't be  a great nation but one that's quite small.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is the vespers of a new day

This is the vespers of a new day the start of a brand new year
And I am pondering in my quiet place to see what I can hear
Moments of the past year are crawling through  my mind
And I'm picking through my memories to see what  I can find

I can see the many heartaches and disappointments all around
But I can also see the   heroes who came to help me when I was down
I can see the broken promises  the  shocks to my fragile mind
But I can also see the healers who helped leave these things behind

I can see the many storms that shook me all over the place
But I can see the outstretched hands that held me in His grace
I can see the many doubts and the many fears that ruled the day
But I can see the ones who reminded me that there is always a way

I want to thank you my friends as  I am closing another year
And thank you for all you have done for you  are all so very dear
You are worth more to me than  gold and all the money there is
Yes to me you are all so precious and there's no price tag on this..

thank you


Do we really realize how much power we have inside
That we have it in ourselves to change the world outside?
That the words we select can make things good or bad
That we can lift people up or we can also make them sad.

Do we understand all the things we are able to do
If we work together, how much healing can come through?
Instead of dividing up and crying out for change
Can't we work together and see what we can arrange.

There's been too much division; it's time now to unite
Put away those hurtful weapons and the urge to fight.
Lets embrace one another and resolve to understand
That peaceful solutions is the desire of every land.

Put down your signs

Can you tell me why people no longer care if they hurt someone?
Why do we find so many excuses for the wrongs  we have done?
Have we become so blinded that we can no longer see
That this world is dying and the only cure is  charity? ..

Can you tell me why we claim to stand up for the rights of all
Yet  divide ourselves into  groups whose membership is small?
If we're really concerned with creating something that unites,
Shouldn't we be working together instead of igniting fights?

We cry out discrimination but then we go on to discriminate.
We cry out for equality but then we have our groups of hate.
If we're going to push for a world where peace and love abide
Shouldn't we  put down our signs and learn to live with  the other side?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Quieting Down

Quieting down my spirit as I watch the fading light
I venture into the silence that precedes the coming night
All the noises of the day slowly begin to disappear
As I  listen to the music  my spirit wants me to hear

Sometimes we must go apart from our daily routine
And enter into another world that   often goes unseen
We must enter into our being and exlpore our inner mind
To encounter all those answers that we are hoping to find

 And if we are not quite sure of the answers we have found
There are many skilled counselors to help us get around
But we must be most careful in selecting our special guide
Not everyone is worthy of the secrets we must  confide.

A time of quiet

The days of summer have ended and fall has settled in
Colors on the trees are fading as the changes  begin
There is a sense of resting and of gentle sleep
The universe welcomes Autumn embraces it so deep.

Leaves are slowly falling and plants are losing their green
Shades of brown take over while grass is no longer seen
Somber tones are sounding as the earth takes on her rest
Every season helps the universe to be her very best

During this time of quiet and  subtle transformation
The earth is slowly becoming a beautiful new creation
The changes she undergoes, though painful as can be
Will beautify the springtime when from sleep she's free

So we wait in the silence that comes this time of year
And listen to all creation telling us that Fall is here
We enter into the moments so proper for this time
And allow ourselves the freedom of a more somber rhyme.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Something new has begun

It's like a brand new chapter, something new has begun
The universe is celebrating; we've had a day in the sun
All the birds are chirping they are happy as can be
I think they're celebrating the start of a brand new me.

Now I'm readying my garden for that winter break
Clearing out   the old weeds with a gentle rake
Looking all around me to see what has to go
I'm throwing out the old stuff that wont let me grow

Nature is so wonderful it has so much to say
Its also very healing when we walk along its way
If we listen carefully whenever we're  outside
We can hear the universe inviting us inside

So I'm spending quiet time in my special place
Trying to ready my heart for some silent grace
It's been quite a week now with all  the pouring rain
But I know it's all so helpful despite all the pain

In memory of Matthew Shephard RIP-10/12/98

                (victim of a  hate crime)

I will celebrate my birth, while recalling your death
I'll  recall my life while considering your last breath
I'll think of all the people who are victims of hate
And cry out for equality before its too late

And you Mattew Shepard, sweet Innocent one
You life was cut short before it ever had   begun
What words can ever capture my feelings deep  inside
Knowing that for being "you",  you had painfully died.

You death paved the way for many laws against hate
And injustice cries out  from the grains of that gate
Yet how many more victims will  fall in our land
Before equality is something we all understand?

We all have a duty and and a firm obligation
To call out for equality and desegregation
Until everyone is free, and freedom is  for all
We won't be  a great nation but one that's quite small.


To the Abuser

Tears are falling in the middle of the night
There is no one to tell her its going to be alright
She is hurting but no one sees her pain
Abandonment is a scar that will always remain

She is looking  for someone who is not there
Somehow she was thinking that you'd be the one to care
But you hurt her in the middle of the night
Confusion has overaken her, blurring all her  sight

Are you so heartless that you don't even care?
Can you keep on hurting people without being aware
Of the scars you're leaving  in the middle of the night
Or has your conscience accepted the darkness over light?

Picture for a momennt the tears on her  face
Doesn't it fill your heart with a sickening disgrace
What moves  you to hurt so many people so
Are you so bitter that  hurting is the only thing you know?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

When tears are falling all day long

When the only thing we can do is cry when nothing else will do
When tears are fallng all day long and the whole night through
When our eyes are swollen shut from  the tears we shed
We know our hearts are scarred inside for they have wept and bled.

We cannot explain it to anyone so there is no need to try
We simply have to let it happen and  allow ourselves to cry
The pain is simply   terrible it's  tearing  us up in side
We hold on tightly to the rock while being crushed by the tide.

We are beaten and broken down, we can't keep on going
We wonder if anyone notices, how much of it is showing
Does anyone even  realize the   trauma we've been through
Such is the pain we feel  when there is nothing left to do.

There's still beauty

As I was dwelling on a hurt a little bird began to sing
Reminding me there's still beauty in almost everything
Chirping away so beautifully outside my window sill
He invited me to higher thoughts to motivate my will.

So I'm pondering this melody that fills the morning air
And considering how wonderfully the birds are able to share
We all  benefit from their music so early in the morn
Their song is so soothing and.heals the heart that's torn.

We cannot deny the hurts that often happen on life's way
But we can look beyond them to the beauty of the day
There is so much music and healing   waiting to be found
We have only to open our eyes and have a look around.

Friday, October 7, 2011

You reached out your hand to me

You reached out your hand to me while I was still crying
And offered to me that which the other was denying
I want to be more trusting but I'm hurting deep  inside
My heart is so afraid now; I'm wanting  to run and hide

The door has been opened and I'm wanting to go in
But fear keeps me hesitant, should I start   again?
Am I ready to risk it, opening my heart once more
I am in need of heallng; you have what I'm looking for.

So I slowly make the effort to let the journey begin
Though I am so nervous and shaking deep within
I will  allow myself the freedoms  healing can bring
letting go of   the memories and every hurtful thing

You hurt me

You have broken me, left me holding my heart in my hand
Do you see me, how I am not  able to understand
Why did you do this, why did you leave me in so much pain
You said you were different, with me you would remain.

Now the tears fall from the scar you left deep down inside
I am wondering why this happened; for hours I have cried
Are you heartless, do your feelings no longer work anymore
Surely you knew how painful would be such a sore.

Yet you did this, you did what you said you wouldn't do
Now I am broken and wondering what to think of you .
I have been pondering and turning it all around inside
There are no answers they all seem to run and hide.

I hope you're happy and find it easy to sleep at night
Because I'm don't, you took from me, my hopeful light
I know some day I will find someone I can trust again
But will never forget how much you hurt me deep within

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Broken pieces of my heart

Broken pieces of my heart lying on the floor
As I reach to pick them up I wonder "how much more"
I'm but a fragile being made of flesh and bone
Everything can hurt me deeply for I'm not a stone.

Clouds are gathering round me, soon it's going to rain
Would that I could be delivered from this pool of pain.
But somtimes life is difficult and we find along the way
Thorns and thistles tag along as though they have to stay

I have to keep on hoping, though, despite the rainy days
For one day all that has hurt me will be my source of praise
So I'm finishing up my task here that left my heart so sore
I'm gathering up the pieces that lie scattered on the floor.


Morning Reflection

In the silence of the morn while the darkness is around;
There's a crispness in the air, and mother earth begins to sound.
Slowly moving, plants reach up to grasp the colors of the sky
 And crawling creatures stir about while the wind is whispering by

Trees are swaying to the tune carried by the passing breeze
Birds unite in mystic sound to synchronize the swaying trees
The morning star breaks out in fashion to warm  the infant air
Soon the universe is awakened by golden kisses   everywhere

Oh vast beauty of this world, how often  we fail to see
The imprints of the Eternal Spirit: drawing  us  to Eternty
We  busy ourselves with futile musings and seek for nothing more
Than pleasures that are momentary; but, not what we are made for..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A time of change

The birds have been happily singing all day long
Their melody is so beautiful; so peaceful their song
Like a glorious spring day that has started anew
Their song can be healing whenever it touches you.

The butterflies have been making their final rounds
And bees have been buzzing their autumn sounds
Soon the cold weather will take over the scene
And butterflies and bees will no longer  be seen

There is a sadness that comes around this time of year
Letting go of the familiar always releases a tear
But as quickly as it goes so quickly it will return
We'll use the silence of winter for things we must learn

She never saw it coming

She trusted in a professional and opened  up her soul
Together they made a roadmap and a realistic goal
Never did she imagine that there would come a day
When the professional would break her up in a most cruel way

But one day it happened as she was starting  therapy
The professional blurted out this will no longer  be
No warning signs before hand for everything "was  fine"
Now she's left to wonder what the therapist had in mind.

Those who claim to give counseling must be truly aware
 how fragile and broken are the people that come  into your care
IF you're not able to go the distance please don't ever begin
Heal yourself physician before  taking others in ..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Night time brings a quiet hush

Night time brings a quiet hush
And fading is the need to rush
The universe readies itself for bed
while some creatures romp instead

The moonlight reaches out to all
Inspiring songs in great and small
The trees are humming reverently
All creation is singing a  melody

Silence takes over before too long
The univers rests within its  song
Sleep envelopes the world outside
While the Spirit holds the world inside.

Letting Go

Gently calling, softly whispering, deep inside my heart
Let them go now, all those burdens let them all depart
They are surely undeserving of all the time I give
Letting go now , all these burdens so i can freely live.

Broken dreams and shattered promises lie upon my floor
As I watch the dust that's settling while you close the door
Why shoud I surrender to you all my peace of mind
There are other fishes out there; you weren't that great a find.

So I'm listening to my spirit deep inside my heart
Letting go of all these burdens letting them all depart
I am wiser than all my burdens so I'm letting go
Of all that hinders me from healing allowing myself to grow.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dark Clouds

The dark  clouds are hanging over my soul tonight
But behind them all shines a beautiful moonlight
Though the storms are tossing my soul everywhere
I know there is a calm beneath  this violent air.

While  the rains are drenching my poor  soul inside
I quietly search out a safe place where I may  hide
For the winds are too mighty for me to withstand
I tremble  beneath the  force of my abusers hand.

Would that I could see this storm coming from afar
Perhaps it would not have left me with such a scar
But I had no warning no way to prepare my heart
It hit me so deeply and left my soul all torn apart.

you cut my heart out

You cut my heart out

You cut my heart out; you pulled out  from me  every ounce of trust
And took the meaning you once gave me and trampled it to  the dust
You toppled   the mighty tower of hope you once built up in therapy
And left me broken  in pieces, now I scramble to put together "me"

How do you explain it, when so much trust was handed over to you:
Leading me to believe that there was nothing you and I can't do?
You had my confidence ; then  one evening you cut me to the core
Called me a tangled mess that you weren't going to deal with anymore.

So here I am broken by the one who was suppose to heal me
Wondering how in the world such could happen, what an irony.
From friends or famly one might expect such things to come to be
But not from one  educated to help,  who holds the title of phd.

Before the morning light

It's morning and the cool air is whispering to me
The sun isn't around yet with all its glowing beauty
 Darkness surrounds me ; but not like the dark of night
This kind of  darkness only  happens right before the light.

So I am longing for the approach of   brother sun
Who carries the light that shines out for  everyone
His warming rays will be such a  welcome  sight
For they awaken hope and free us from the  night

What fills your mind as you're awaiting the dawn of day
Do you ask for wisdom to walk with you along the way?
Do you immerse yourself inside the silence of your heart
Tell me what you think of as you wait for night to part...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hope for the broken

Broken people   here and there
Looking for those who really care
A kindly smile, a word or two
Is all they need to make it through

See them crying, hear their sighs
Countless tears are in their eyes
Broken by the ones they knew
Who will help them make it through

Courageous beings take a stand
To the broken they lend a hand
Ignoring what others might say
They bring hope of a  better day

Calming Spirit come to me

Calming Spirit come to me
Give me back serenity
Leave your spirit deep inside
Send my demons all outside

Gentle Spirit soften me
Keep in me Your integrity
Be in all I do and say
Shield me from all life's decay

Guiding spirit enlighen me
Give me vision that I may see
Breathe your spirit deep within
Steady this vessel as I begin.

Streams of tears

Streams of tears are gently flowing
And they tell what the heart is knowing
Time is endless when in sorrow
Seems so far away:   tomorrow

Sighs unmeasured yet ascending
Pain untended but  descending
Deep beneath the inner core
Secrets contain our sorrows score

In the daylight no longer hidden
Scars reveal whats forbidden
Awe and wonder at the sight
How much is seen in the light.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A certain stillness hangs about

Autumn nights are crisp and clear
They hum of winter drawing near.
A certain stillness hangs about
Enabling the tiniest sound to shout.

Trees with barren branches sing
Of  coming winter's covering
Few the birds that stay the night
Many have taken  the southern flight.

Taste the coolness in the air
And savor the beauty everywhere
Times are changing, yes indeed
Waiting to rise is nature's seed.

The dawn awakens

the morning has broken and the sky is aglow
with the golden rays of hope we all come to know
they touch us and warm us and keep us alive
without brother sun we would not survive

the colors of autumn are  dancing around
 the universe utters a   sombering sound
While some things are dying some things begin
Creation is singing a song from within

Take moments to ponder the beauty outside
And hold all earths lessons deep down inside
They'll grow in your spirit a new sort of love
That unites your whole being to the heavens above