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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Words for one's therapist..

Words for one's  therapist

I carry my broken heart in the palm of my  hand
And I'm letting you see inside so you can understand
How very difficult  it is to have so much hurt  inside
While presenting a cheerful face to all the world outside

Look at it, if you will, for I'm opening to you my heart
You get to see everything there, even the painful part
 There's lots of laughter and joy and happiness inside
But there's also that painful stuff that I continue to hide.

And though you might not know it; there's still so much  pain
That is waiting to be released like a sudden downpour of rain.
And because I've come to trust you I will open to you that door
That never once has been  opened to anyone else before

Thank you for helping me and for all of the  therapy
That is helping me understand so that I can better see
I treasure all the moments and value you all the time
You're putting forth to assist me; please accept this rhyme

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