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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Wisdom in the Wind

To the wind I decided to listen as it was gently passing by
And this is what it said to me while brushing against the sky
The wind whispered "things are deceiving, not as they appear to be
Don't go by all the hearsay or by what you outwardly see

The world outside is dangerous and full of many a hurtful thing
Its important not be lured in by what empty promises can bring
The flash of money can fool you and blind your eyes from within
Fame can disappear in a moment and leave you crawling again.

Temptation is all around you and you can choose from many things
Let wisdom be your compass when all the propaganda sings.
Within you, there is  a spirit that holds your inner light
Make your choices from deeep within you and not by outward sight."


  1. How are you? I do like this poem. Things are often not as they appear...You make my heart smile Joy. God has used you to help me accept things that was so hard for me to accept. I wish that we could do more things together. :) It's very rare to find a real friend...I had to go to my doctor today for my back, it wasn't getting better and my daughters were getting angry because I wanted to cancel the appointment. She gave me something for it...I enjoy exercising and I hadn't been able to exercise as usual. I guess I would be able to get back at it in a couple of days...I did a few short videos yesterday of myself when I was resting. I was looking some rough but I want the videos to be as natural and real as possible. I didn't think I could watch it because it's so hard to look at myself in pics and video but I did it! What a miracle. I think I will try to start my show and tell next week..Hope you're doing good. I'm thinking of you.


  2. Hi Riri.. so nice to hear from you and I do hope your back is better soon.. Remember you must do what is good for you and if you have a bad back do gentle exercises.. It wouldn't be good to hurt your back more than it is already has been.

    I bet you will do just fine with your videos . . have confidence you will..

    I am not much into pictures either but not because I dont like to see myself just never liked the idea of taking pictures of myself. I am glad you find healing in your videos and show and tell... ..

    I am struggling a little with the demons and memories but am trying to stay in my safe place as much as possible.

    So glad you stopped by .. I always look forward to your beautiful notes.. the sparkle with your personality and caring heart....

    Love you


  3. I'm praying for you Joy. I will try to take it easy with my back. I do get kinda hardheaded sometimes. Exercising for me is a way of escape as well as writing and music...You are so dear to my heart Joy. I hope that you have a good restful night. I thank God He's given you a safe place. Love you Joy. Stay safe.

    Your Friend,


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