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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Through swollen eyes

It's morning and  my heart has survived another painful night
Through swollen eyes I take in the gentle glowing light
The morning star, that always lights up our entire day
Touches me gently and offers me healing in this way.

Sorrows can't deaden my senses to the beauty all around
And I know that in such beauty true peace of heart is found
So, I  surrender to the wisdom being offered freely to me
Through the voice of the universe who offers solidarity.

Starting from within my safeplace I will begin my day
And from these quiet moments I will carry something away
I will take the visions that sustained me while I was inside
To  every moment that I must encounter while I'm outside.

I confess freely that I am not as strong as I should be
But I find help using tools that I have been given by my T
Because of this,  I find that even after all the pouring rain
There is a calm that helps me refocus through all the pain.

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