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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sitting here with my pile of stuff

Sitting here with my pile of stuff that I've gathered through the years;
I can see a broken heart, a broken life, and my basin full of tears.
It's not easy to come to grips with all that I have been through:
Admitting that I needed  therapy was not a popular thing to do.

Yet here I am with all my brokenness, seeking in some small way
To begin to heal  my  inner child who was never allowed to play.
For it's only by healing the child within  that I can begin anew;
And be able to live my life completely as I was meant to do.

So little by little I'm opening boxes that I've been  holding inside:
Allowing my therapist to see the hurts that were never allowed outside
Trusting that with her gentle guidance I shall finally begin to  heal
And move from walking that broken path to a path thats healthy and real.

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