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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Secrets Exposed

She remembered the days when no one was there
Even though there was family they didnt't   care
She cried out in the silence but no one was near
Why wouldn't they help her, why wouldnt they hear?

Her body was beaten  and bruised every day
Others knew it was happening, but  looked away
Too many were afraid of all that they knew
She carried her secrets, not knowing what to do.

Year after year she kept her secrets inside
To the world she was happy and smiling outside
But scars kept her chained  to memories within
And kept her from allowing any healing to begin.

Told to be silent like the saints   long ago
She feared exposing secrets for others to know
Others kept victmizing her whenever they could
She didnt run from the hurts as any other would

Finally something happend to change the tide
And the wounds she hid  would no longer hide
The time had come for her to open from within
And expose the  wounds so  healing could begin.

The journey goes on but she walks with her guide
Who is teaching her to handle all that's inside
She is no longer a victim  that others can hurt
Like a Lotus she is pushing through all of the dirt.


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