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Saturday, September 3, 2011

My inside out

Would it be okay with you if I just cry here on my blog
And let you walk with me through all this crazy fog
I know it's  all a journey, which I am passing through
But it's  all so very painful and overwhelming too.

Have you ever wondered how much you can truly take
Or have you ever questioned if your heart would really  break
It's not so easy to be healing when there are others around
Who are ready to salt your wounds and kick you to the ground

Just because I'm broken doesn't mean I've opened the door
For others to come and insult me and hurt me even more.
Sadly there are some who take advantage of the weak
So that they can feel superior by how they act and speak.

Yes some said they were helping when really they only  hurt
And by time they were done with me  I felt like I was   dirt
Some gathered all my secrets  and  then beat me up inside
Tossed me out as hopeless and made fun of me outside.

I find this journey painful because trust is hard to do
Yet I must learn to trust if healing is to come through
So I will keep on trying while I deal with all my fear
Which keeps me at a distance when others draw near.

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