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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Listen and See

There is a melodic hum echoing through the air
As a choir of happy crickets play with gentle care
Soothing the waking soul, their song is so unique
It fills the heart with tenderness of which it cannot speak.

A hint of the approaching day, an early bird does sing
A pure and whispering love is what her heart will bring
She sings of all the beauty and hope she has inside
The early riser is giving, her spirit she doesn't hide..

Now the warming rays of sun dance across the sky
And attempts to catch the attention of both you and I
Will we even notice all the coloring that is done
By the universe as she plans the journey of the sun?

It takes a careful ear and a most determined eye
To catch all the mysteries that tend to pass us by
Only if we take the time and listen with great care
Can we begin to hear and see the universe everywhere

The universe and I have become the closest
        of friends and I love her dearly

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