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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In between the raindrops

Clouds have been congregating for most of the day
While it appears that the rain will not be going away
The cool air has been chilling everything around
Nightcrawlers have emerged from the watery ground

Songbirds have been silent; I sure miss their song
 I hope that the sun will soon be coming along
The rain is so soothing yet there comes a time
When you want something else to put in your rhyme.

So I must go inside to my most favorite place
And picture the warm sun kissing  my face.
I'll imagine the creatures all running around
Dancing and singing  and making their sound.

There's always a place where one can hide
From the storms and rains that are outside
We simply have to quiet our souls and be still
Then let wisdom paint pictures upon our will.

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