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Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Sorry

 I'm sorry I had to leave but I couldn't take it any more
black and blue with bruises; always ending on the floor
I was just your  little girl who only needed     love
you  treated me in ways that I should never had known of

I am made to be the bad one to everyone you know
but you will never tell them what I had to undergo
I want to be there with you but you wont let me be
You keep on repeating it was a mistake for  having me.

so I am living as an orphan, apart from family;
but  I would be accepted if i give up my therapy
If I  go  back to worshipping with all the pedophile
than i might be counted as your prodigal child

You continue with abuse by all the words you say
Reminding me I am a failure in every possible way
If you really were my mother it wouldn't matter at all
How many times I failed or how often i might fall

Thank you for all the beatings and for hating me
You taught me how not to act how I shouldn't be
And though i'll never see you again I'll always care
Because even broken children  are able to be fair.

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