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Sunday, September 11, 2011

If you listen

Putting together some words in the form of a rhyme
Is a bit challenging when you are pressed for time
But I'm slowing down my spirit and silencing my will
So that I may capture the universe with a heart that is still

I close up my being to all the noises outside
And let all of creation come to my silence inside
I can see all the creatures who are wandering around
And hear in my spirit how each creature would sound

The bunny that is  nibbling the grass ever green
Tells me, through his eyes, all the beauty he's seen
The butterfly flying and the bees that buzz around
Invite to see all the treasures that they have found.

The quiet little flowers that so gracefully  grow
Tell me beauty is not boastful, this you should know
The plants and the trees that reach towards the sky
Remind me nothing is acquired if one doesn't try

So much can be learned if one listens with care
The universe will speak and is  heard everywhere
One has to back away from all the noises outside
To hear all the secrets the universe will confide.


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