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Friday, September 9, 2011

Healing us inside.

Evening falls gently on the world tonight
Slowly the Sun is fading  from sight
The moon is glowing and ready to shine
Nocturnal songs touch this heart of mine.

Memories were loud and hurtful today
I wasn't able to stop them or push them away
Tears were flowing and falling everywhere
I saw everything again,as though I was there.

The night comes quickly carrying her song
Inviting me to join her and   follow along
Though tears are falling I gladly agree
And enter my safeplace so I can see.

Creatures of the day are going to sleep
While nocturnal ones are ready to creep.
An owl is singing while perched in a tree
The universe is singing her night song to me.

As I sit and ponder the sounds that I hear
Memories and hurts begin to disappear
Nature has her way of healing us  inside
We have only to let her touch all that we hide.

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