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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hang in there...

 I hear you in the evening when I close my eyes to pray
I see you through my minds eye I don't know what to say
But your tears that keep on falling will soon be going away
The angels asked me to tell  you that your worries will not stay

You feel that life is burdensome; you are weighted down with care
You feel that people don't understand you; you look for whats not there
But the angels keep on telling me to relay a message from here
Your troubles are almost over and you are very dear

It may seem a bit cloudly like things aren't going your way
You're wondering about your decisions: if you should even stay
Hang in there for awhile: you are going to see things through
You have all that you are needing its all inside of  you.

Hang in there just a while longer and you will come to see
Why all the things you wanted were just not meant to be
Sometiimes life willl take away people that you hold so dear
Only to replace them with the ones that are meant to be near

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